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Mystifying Dreams

From the childhood I have been amazed by the power of dreams. At night when we sleep, we are driven to this dream world where anything is possible. But the thing is we cannot control or manipulate it to have desired ending. Most of the times the dreams doesn’t end but the sleep does. But while having it, it has such a strong feeling that it looks real. Most of the times when I had my dead grandfather walking, talking in the dream as a live person, a very strong feeling of his aliveness gave me happiness. It appeared real that he is still alive. Or if i had this dream of having my exam scheduled next day in some other city and I am still wandering at my home packing my bags hastily, gave me a trembling feeling. But what are these dreams made of? Some say what you think a lot is what you get in your dreams. But then I wonder I doesn’t give much concerns to trains. But most of my dreams include trains.

But I don’t know one day when I woke up at 3 in the morning after having a dream, concluded one thing, that these are mere thoughts. These are not what we actually see but what we feel, just like our thoughts. The difference however is, we don’t control them when it is happening. So, I decided from now onwards I will say felt a dream last night rather saying I saw a dream last night. I can call myself a dreamer. A day dreamer as well as a night dreamer. I use to have my whole nights dreaming, jumping from one dream to another. It was like dreaming marathon. I became nervous about it and seek help from the friend next door. He gave some “mantras” to recite before going to sleep. It didn’t helped. But now I enjoy the dreams and everyday before sleeping I think of the people I want to meet in my dreams, that following night.

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Three places or three phases of his life Simr can account for. The first place where he spent most of his life was his home town, city of schools. He did his schooling from there. He was with his family, and use to look around and saw students from different schools, some waiting for school buses, some waiting for their fathers to take them in the two or four wheelers, some waiting for public transportation, some riding cycles to school. These students starting from their homes to school, going to coaching classes after the school, carrying the burden of their dreams or rather say their family’s dreams. It was here Simr saw the dream of becoming an engineer which was inspired by known people who were pursuing the course.

But this dream took him to another city, city of colleges. He spent four years here to complete his engineering course in computer science. He saw the pain of living away from his family and home here. He made new friends and the old friends got lost in the transition. He saw the hardships in carrying out the arrangements himself for different decisions in here.

In the city of colleges, he saw a dream to become a software engineer. This dream took him to the city of IT companies. It had been six months he is here. Now earning money, feeling independant-financially and pshychologically. Getting engaged in work and his own introspected life. The work is very engaging as a software tester. You need to be careful, alert. You need to communicate to various people from different teams over phone or face-to-face. This social engagements drains his introverted self. And like to cherish the little amount of quiet time he gets after work. The transition can be seen at three levels and for him every level is great as it leaves unforgettable memories, some are mesmerizing. The different seasons he enjoyed in these three cities were amazing. The rains, the cold, the warm, the greens were all awesome experience and more have to come in the future in the city of IT companies.

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Nature in us

We, humans have become so powerful now, that we are manipulating and challenging the nature around us. But the ground reality is we are a product of nature. And in fact nature is more powerful in many aspects. Technologies have got support from the resources procured from our nature. Silicon, rubber, steel, etc . are the product of nature like we are. The designs of various devices is inspired by nature itself. The model of voice travelling in the fibre optical wire, electricity travelling in the copper wire very much look like blood flowing through the veins of living beings. The memory, CPU, etc computer terminologies are much inspired by our own brain functions. We had very smartly copied the functions of neurons, synapses, dendrons, circulatory system in these devices. So, how we call ourselves innovators, pioneers, when the biggest pioneer who doesn’t boast about itself is nature. We are mere discoverers in this environment, looking around ourselves astonishingly and surprisingly this mystical thing. Looking at the night sky, the dazzling stars still surprises me in amazement. There are so many unfolded and yet out of human reach places which nature has protected. But I am afraid if we will reach there once, we will make  hell out of it, like we did with the discovered places. The  things which we didn’t copied from our nature is how to be calm, compassionate, provider, empathetic, good listener, whisperer. The calmness of river flowing down the hill. The sweet sound of birds. The richness of trees. The simplicity of animals. The greatness of mountains. The vibrant flowers. All are the attributes of nature.

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When we were small and poor,

Those were the best days my dear.

When we were simple and loving,

That time we were always smiling.

When we were ignorant and kind,

That when we and nature bind.

When we were stupid and free,

That time we carved hearts in tree.

When we had time to spare,

That time we lend people our ear.

When we were lustless and sweet,

That time looked like a treat.

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Feeling lonely on the New Year’s day,

Cannot  feel  the world on my way.

Yet people walking and passing me by,

Neither  feel them nor the laughing guys.

People enjoying the sunrise and the cool breeze,

Thoughts made my mind under seize.

Past memories frequently creeping in here,

Missing  good people in life then and there.

Met different people at every stage of my life,

Some made me happy ,some backstabbed with knife.

Wounds can heal but not the bad words said,

Those words hurt  me and made me mad.

Why this  damn time never  stops for a moment,

Never get chance to respond but it leaves me dormant.

Life can be sometimes too harsh to survive,

But one should never quit but make a strive.

Fate cannot be controlled as it make surprises,

But can do nothing except sharing compromises.

We have to face the life and the hard realities it holds,

It burns us in stress and our life further moulds.

Sometimes we can do nothing but watch this drama going on,

This battle can be lost often but not readily won.

So never dare to solve the mysteries but enjoy it,

Give a damn to worries and try to rejoice it.

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War-A Misery

The air was cool, there was peace everywhere,

There were crators on the land and a man was walking down there.

He saw deads and bodies smeared with blood,

He stopped for a moment to absorb the shocking thud.

He recognized those faces as his counterpart,

It was the cruel game of war which made them depart.

He moved along and thought for a while,

Why he was facing such  an exile?

With whom they fought were totally stranger,

They belonged to the nation which thought to be a danger.

It was his country’s leaders called for a war,

Were they now satisfied after the soil became char?

Suddenly he saw something very unpleasant,

It was his body lying next to the seargent.

He realized then, he exist no more here,

His soul was wandering now out of the worldly affair.

He saw a letter from his wife in the hands,

When will you return? The letter demands

The war was ceased but not the sorrows yet,

No one likes war, anyone wants to  bet?

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The Football Love

The school bus was rushing down the road towards the school football field to carry out Inter-School football championship. There were 4 houses in the school which has boys and girls teams for each house. The bus driver sparked a feeling when he put on a romantic song on stereo. The weather was cool as it should be in the month of July when it use to rain everyday due to the monsoon affect. Greenery could be seen everywhere and this football field was out of the city, near the hills and filled with quiet. Only you could hear the attributes of nature. It felt so much nature around you when you were there. The matches started. Simr’s house team lost but the girls from the same house were victorious. The girl captain was the apple of his eyes. He was captivated by her fair skin and light colored hair. He was stung by the beauty of this damsel.

While playing it started raining. And they continued playing in the rain. Then it was time to sit in the bus and head back towards school. Sitting in the last seat of the bus with two of his friends, Simr was constantly thinking about her. Then that girl’s friends (two of them) came and chose the seat one up row from where Simr was sitting. And when that girl came, the girls waved to her to come to them. She came and sat with them in the seat which could probably made to hold two persons. They adjusted and provided her with some space to sit. She made bun out of her wet hair and her skin was glowing more than usual as it was drenched with rain. Sitting in the back seat Simr could feel her hair so close or her altogether. For him that ride back to school was mersmerized and beautiful. A strong feeling of affection took over his thoughts. He was feeling drowned in the pool of love. But it was a comforting feeling. That feeling was so pure, it doesn’t require to express itself to the concerned person. That feeling was far from the clutches of lust. That feeling doesn’t have the urge to possess or acquire that person instantly. It was a spiritual feeling.

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The Premature Lunch

It was a normal day at school and History class was going on. The teacher instructed students to go through the chapter again which was finished in the last class. Simr was sitting at the last bench and the girl besides him was busy talking to the girl sitthing in the bench in the second column and last row. Simr took his tiffin out to get it finished in that class itself. Two reasons for it: Firstly, their interval time included only 20 minutes. Secondly, they use to play cricket with their lunchboxes as bats and paper crushed to form ball. But before playing they need to finish their lunch so that the box could easily be handled as bat. To save time or get more time to play one of his friend started the tradition of eating lunch in the class itself. So, getting inspired from him, Simr too tried it for the first time that day. No one in the class was knowing what is happening in the last bench. Even the girl sitting besides him was unaware.

The morsel was in the mouth when he saw the teacher standing close to his desk. He became so much engaged in eating that didn’t noticed the teacher got aware of his whereabouts. The teacher took him with her without uttering a word, it was then Simr got the attention from the crowd. The morsel was still there in mouth and he was chewing it slowly to get rid of it.  He was made to stand facing the wall. But shortly called by teacher who asked if he knew why he was punished. He nodded and on the promise to never do it again was released. The good thing was classmates were confused why Simr was taken out like that. Nevertheless Simr  didn’t say a word to them on what had happened. That day they utilized the full productivity of 20 minutes of playing.

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The Motivational Teacher

It requires motivation to achieve a goal. It doesn’t matter how small a goal is right now, but we need to start somewhere. The more important thing is from where you are getting this motivation. It is pretty much evident that it is an internal force. But it can require external stimulus to be absorbed by the inner self and reconverted to become a internal force of motivation. In simple words, sometimes people around you become a source of this force, which can help to motivate you towards a goal. These people could be your father, siblings, friends, teacher or sometimes strangers too. You just need to interpret those moments correctly and make a force out of it.

For instance on sports day in the school, different sports were organized like slow cycling, long jump, races, etc. The day was dissapointing for Joe as he got out  in first rounds of every sport. Then came high jump, it looked so tough to fly over that heighted rod. He was wearing spectacles and face was sweating badly looking towards the goal. The goal was to land safely on the other side of rod without dismantling it. The maths teacher standing closer was looking at his commotion. She asked him to hand over his spectacles to her for their safety and told four powerful words- “You can do it”. That was it, The belief she had on him was absorbed and reconverted to motivation to do that small job. His turn came and he ran and then he became aware of himself when he landed on the other side on sand. He qualified for the second round.

It was a small goal but motivation can do wonders for any goal. Then it could be winning gold in Olympics too. Motivation is one of the ingredient for achieving the your dreams.

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Morning Walk Aunt

She was cheerful, talkative, kind lady. She became part of John’s life as his mother got a partner to accompany her in the early morning walks in the serene locality of Mohani Road. She use to give a call to his mother when she would have reached in front of their house at Gurudwara Road. Then both of them start their early morning venture. John’s mother use to tell how talkative this lady is but she is kind hearted. Her children were well settled and she use to live with her husband happily.

But then she was left alone when one day her husband died unexpectedly of heart attack. It was something fate did very harsh on her. It was literally a cruelty by nature. She was left alone. And in this course of time she lost her charm and cheerfullness. It was a big loss and it could be seen on her face which once had smile on it. Pain was evident looking at her. And after few months a news came that she is dead too. How things change in a matter of seconds? How hard it is to predict life events? We have to compromise, negotiate, adjust to life. And the biggest thing is we have to accept what life throws upon us. But it is very hard to do.