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A Father Figure In a Child’s Life

If mother is a God for a child, father is a hero. If mother sow the seeds of morality, compassion, forgiveness, love, care into a child, father provides a child with heroism, responsibility, decision-making, courage. A father actually becomes the source of confidence for a child. And think if this fatherly image is not there in the child life, then what about these attributes?As a life experience, I have witnessed this child who had seen his source of confidence and courage numb and motionless covered with grey and white blanket lying on the floor of the matador in the hospital to the home. The only recognizable thing he can see of his father is his shoes kept aside. He recollects the days when he with his father has gone to a shoe shop for buying those shoes.  In the future course of a time, this child showed lack of confidence, courage, big heart, decision-making power and was bullied in the school and outside. The only safe place he ever found was in his house. He who was told about love, morality, principles in the family and school, saw the reality other way around. He saw hatred for him in society. He was made fun of, became a fodder for bullies in the school as well as in public places. He never had bad intentions or motives but became a recipient of such things without any reasons. Being denied the priviledge to have a father by the fate, he was only left with the other half of life where he learnt moral values, compassion, sensibility, love, softness. But he observed no one reciprocated such bookish things. “This is not an idealistic society, you generous son of goodness.” The theoritical principles and rules have been crafted and decorated in only school and religious books for the sake of reading and preaching but not implementing. There is big difference between theoritical attributes and practical life. You can come across thousands of such spiritual gurus, telling things which we already read in schools, internet, religious gatherings and also at your home. But no one wants to implement it. This boy implemented and became a rebel, minority, outnumbered in the society. He suffered mental traumas, mental set-backs when he everyday realized there is difference between his expectations and reality. He didn’t became a product of the society but chose to become the product of its nature which nurtures purity, indifference, impartiality, compassion.




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