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Trust: To have or not to have

If you wanted to see an example of you neighbor becoming your arch enemy without any reason you can think of the time when India was partitioned in 1947. My grandfather was a prosperous and happy farmer back then in Kashmir. He recently bought a farm which was barren and with his hard work turned it to a fertile land ready for harvesting. But Lord Mountbatten, Jinnah had their own plans. And the worst part is he (Jinnah) instilled his ideologies into the minds of his community when he was denied to become the first prime minister of India. How come one single person throws up his nasty principles on his followers for his personal wrath? I don’t know if he realized the outcome of his prophecies. One community was killing another community. The condition in Punjab and Bengal was horrendous and inhuman.

My grandfather was safe in Kashmir as he thought because he lived under the regime of King Hari Singh (Dogra king) who denied to be get involved in either of the nations. But then unexpected happen. Pakistan attacked Kashmir in October, 1947 to take away the whole part and expected the support of soldiers of the king as majority of them were Muslims. And they acually got the support. Then the dogra king asked help from Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first prime minister of Independent India and relief came along in the form of Indian Army. In all this drama the people of Kashmir were the victims. My grandfather along with hundreds of other people from community left their farms,livestock,money,utensils to move to the unknown land. I wonder. How hard it is to leave your lives’ earning behind for no reason? How unjust is that? Their houses were burnt later after they left. And this is not it. While passing through the hills they were targeted by the infiltrators who were positioned on the top of hills and were shooting. People needed to leave the wounded behind as they were weak to carry them along. How hard it would have been to leave behind your loved ones? My grandfather also lost one son and daughter in the way. Few hundereds reached Punj and were rescued  by airlifting them by the Indian Army to refugee camp in Jammu.Living through the pathetic conditions in the refugee camps, my grandfather decided to earn money doing some work. He left for Punjab and worked in Gurudwara (Sikh temple). And after some time he took his family to Dehradun and started what he loved the most, farming. He bought farm and started what was ended in Kashmir.

I was lucky to have heard all the stories he had to share with me. He shared the life in Kashmir, his pain, the prices of commodities that time. Except salt everything was home made. He shared how people use to help each other while constructing one’s house. What materials they used in the construction. Life was good untill Politics divided people on the grounds of religion to gain personal goals. Those people made common mass realize they aren’t humans, they belong to separate religion. May be politicians don’t know in a society people shouldn’t care about one’s religion but coordinate like humans. My grandfather, he died in 2010 at the age of 105. He shared his story with me. The story of struggle. The story of pain. And Actually the story of betrayal. Thus questioning the very core of the foundation of society bonding, Trust.



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