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The English Teacher

Mrs. Ganju’s house was getting destructed. Labourers were hammering it to bring it down. May be she left the house. If she wouldn’t have met me on Febuary 2010, I might  have not be able to assume what’s going on? But in that visit she opened her heart. She use to teach us English subject in 4th standard. Then when we were in 5th standard, she left. But my friends and I came to know she lived alone near to my house. She use to invite us to small gatherings in her house. We ate cakes and drank juice which she served as a host. Then we use to talk and play different games. It was fun. But I never understood why she lives alone? Where is her family? May be she is unmarried, I assumed. She is a nice lady with fair face and wearing spectacles with round frame. Once when I was going for school in 5th standard. My mother usually took me to the school. We reached to that street where she use to live. One cobbler use to sit at the starting of that street. Seeing me he stood up and handed me one envelope, and told that the lady living in the first house in that street asked him to give it to me. For my surprise it was a birthday card. “Oh she remembered”. What a caring lady she was.

On Febuary 2010, my grandfather died and I came from New Delhi to my hometown. Suddenly after two days, she came to our home as she got to know about the sad news from the shopkeeper whose shop was opposite to our house. It was then I came to know about her story. She was living apart from her husband as he was not a good person. And was having a law suit going on in the court. What a gentle, kind, good lady and what problems she is facing. At that time a question struck me. Are good people destined to have a hard life. I have seen other good people too, suffering in their life with different problems. So, when I saw she left her house, may be the law suit is settled and she left for her brother’s house in New Delhi. May be God gives problems to those who are capable of taking it. And who’re better than good people with moral values, high thinking, sincerety, responsibility, commitment. She gave me one lesson that never lose your goodness over bad people provocations, wrong-doing. She specially wrote quotes on the paper and gave it to me. Whenever in distress, I open the folded paper and read it aloud.



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