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Morning Walk Aunt

She was cheerful, talkative, kind lady. She became part of John’s life as his mother got a partner to accompany her in the early morning walks in the serene locality of Mohani Road. She use to give a call to his mother when she would have reached in front of their house at Gurudwara Road. Then both of them start their early morning venture. John’s mother use to tell how talkative this lady is but she is kind hearted. Her children were well settled and she use to live with her husband happily.

But then she was left alone when one day her husband died unexpectedly of heart attack. It was something fate did very harsh on her. It was literally a cruelty by nature. She was left alone. And in this course of time she lost her charm and cheerfullness. It was a big loss and it could be seen on her face which once had smile on it. Pain was evident looking at her. And after few months a news came that she is dead too. How things change in a matter of seconds? How hard it is to predict life events? We have to compromise, negotiate, adjust to life. And the biggest thing is we have to accept what life throws upon us. But it is very hard to do.



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