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The Football Love

The school bus was rushing down the road towards the school football field to carry out Inter-School football championship. There were 4 houses in the school which has boys and girls teams for each house. The bus driver sparked a feeling when he put on a romantic song on stereo. The weather was cool as it should be in the month of July when it use to rain everyday due to the monsoon affect. Greenery could be seen everywhere and this football field was out of the city, near the hills and filled with quiet. Only you could hear the attributes of nature. It felt so much nature around you when you were there. The matches started. Simr’s house team lost but the girls from the same house were victorious. The girl captain was the apple of his eyes. He was captivated by her fair skin and light colored hair. He was stung by the beauty of this damsel.

While playing it started raining. And they continued playing in the rain. Then it was time to sit in the bus and head back towards school. Sitting in the last seat of the bus with two of his friends, Simr was constantly thinking about her. Then that girl’s friends (two of them) came and chose the seat one up row from where Simr was sitting. And when that girl came, the girls waved to her to come to them. She came and sat with them in the seat which could probably made to hold two persons. They adjusted and provided her with some space to sit. She made bun out of her wet hair and her skin was glowing more than usual as it was drenched with rain. Sitting in the back seat Simr could feel her hair so close or her altogether. For him that ride back to school was mersmerized and beautiful. A strong feeling of affection took over his thoughts. He was feeling drowned in the pool of love. But it was a comforting feeling. That feeling was so pure, it doesn’t require to express itself to the concerned person. That feeling was far from the clutches of lust. That feeling doesn’t have the urge to possess or acquire that person instantly. It was a spiritual feeling.



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