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The Motivational Teacher

It requires motivation to achieve a goal. It doesn’t matter how small a goal is right now, but we need to start somewhere. The more important thing is from where you are getting this motivation. It is pretty much evident that it is an internal force. But it can require external stimulus to be absorbed by the inner self and reconverted to become a internal force of motivation. In simple words, sometimes people around you become a source of this force, which can help to motivate you towards a goal. These people could be your father, siblings, friends, teacher or sometimes strangers too. You just need to interpret those moments correctly and make a force out of it.

For instance on sports day in the school, different sports were organized like slow cycling, long jump, races, etc. The day was dissapointing for Joe as he got out  in first rounds of every sport. Then came high jump, it looked so tough to fly over that heighted rod. He was wearing spectacles and face was sweating badly looking towards the goal. The goal was to land safely on the other side of rod without dismantling it. The maths teacher standing closer was looking at his commotion. She asked him to hand over his spectacles to her for their safety and told four powerful words- “You can do it”. That was it, The belief she had on him was absorbed and reconverted to motivation to do that small job. His turn came and he ran and then he became aware of himself when he landed on the other side on sand. He qualified for the second round.

It was a small goal but motivation can do wonders for any goal. Then it could be winning gold in Olympics too. Motivation is one of the ingredient for achieving the your dreams.



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