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The Premature Lunch

It was a normal day at school and History class was going on. The teacher instructed students to go through the chapter again which was finished in the last class. Simr was sitting at the last bench and the girl besides him was busy talking to the girl sitthing in the bench in the second column and last row. Simr took his tiffin out to get it finished in that class itself. Two reasons for it: Firstly, their interval time included only 20 minutes. Secondly, they use to play cricket with their lunchboxes as bats and paper crushed to form ball. But before playing they need to finish their lunch so that the box could easily be handled as bat. To save time or get more time to play one of his friend started the tradition of eating lunch in the class itself. So, getting inspired from him, Simr too tried it for the first time that day. No one in the class was knowing what is happening in the last bench. Even the girl sitting besides him was unaware.

The morsel was in the mouth when he saw the teacher standing close to his desk. He became so much engaged in eating that didn’t noticed the teacher got aware of his whereabouts. The teacher took him with her without uttering a word, it was then Simr got the attention from the crowd. The morsel was still there in mouth and he was chewing it slowly to get rid of it.  He was made to stand facing the wall. But shortly called by teacher who asked if he knew why he was punished. He nodded and on the promise to never do it again was released. The good thing was classmates were confused why Simr was taken out like that. Nevertheless Simr  didn’t say a word to them on what had happened. That day they utilized the full productivity of 20 minutes of playing.



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