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Feeling lonely on the New Year’s day,

Cannot  feel  the world on my way.

Yet people walking and passing me by,

Neither  feel them nor the laughing guys.

People enjoying the sunrise and the cool breeze,

Thoughts made my mind under seize.

Past memories frequently creeping in here,

Missing  good people in life then and there.

Met different people at every stage of my life,

Some made me happy ,some backstabbed with knife.

Wounds can heal but not the bad words said,

Those words hurt  me and made me mad.

Why this  damn time never  stops for a moment,

Never get chance to respond but it leaves me dormant.

Life can be sometimes too harsh to survive,

But one should never quit but make a strive.

Fate cannot be controlled as it make surprises,

But can do nothing except sharing compromises.

We have to face the life and the hard realities it holds,

It burns us in stress and our life further moulds.

Sometimes we can do nothing but watch this drama going on,

This battle can be lost often but not readily won.

So never dare to solve the mysteries but enjoy it,

Give a damn to worries and try to rejoice it.



An introverted IT Guy.

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