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War-A Misery

The air was cool, there was peace everywhere,

There were crators on the land and a man was walking down there.

He saw deads and bodies smeared with blood,

He stopped for a moment to absorb the shocking thud.

He recognized those faces as his counterpart,

It was the cruel game of war which made them depart.

He moved along and thought for a while,

Why he was facing such  an exile?

With whom they fought were totally stranger,

They belonged to the nation which thought to be a danger.

It was his country’s leaders called for a war,

Were they now satisfied after the soil became char?

Suddenly he saw something very unpleasant,

It was his body lying next to the seargent.

He realized then, he exist no more here,

His soul was wandering now out of the worldly affair.

He saw a letter from his wife in the hands,

When will you return? The letter demands

The war was ceased but not the sorrows yet,

No one likes war, anyone wants to  bet?



An introverted IT Guy.

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