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Nature in us

We, humans have become so powerful now, that we are manipulating and challenging the nature around us. But the ground reality is we are a product of nature. And in fact nature is more powerful in many aspects. Technologies have got support from the resources procured from our nature. Silicon, rubber, steel, etc . are the product of nature like we are. The designs of various devices is inspired by nature itself. The model of voice travelling in the fibre optical wire, electricity travelling in the copper wire very much look like blood flowing through the veins of living beings. The memory, CPU, etc computer terminologies are much inspired by our own brain functions. We had very smartly copied the functions of neurons, synapses, dendrons, circulatory system in these devices. So, how we call ourselves innovators, pioneers, when the biggest pioneer who doesn’t boast about itself is nature. We are mere discoverers in this environment, looking around ourselves astonishingly and surprisingly this mystical thing. Looking at the night sky, the dazzling stars still surprises me in amazement. There are so many unfolded and yet out of human reach places which nature has protected. But I am afraid if we will reach there once, we will make  hell out of it, like we did with the discovered places. The  things which we didn’t copied from our nature is how to be calm, compassionate, provider, empathetic, good listener, whisperer. The calmness of river flowing down the hill. The sweet sound of birds. The richness of trees. The simplicity of animals. The greatness of mountains. The vibrant flowers. All are the attributes of nature.



An introverted IT Guy.

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