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Three places or three phases of his life Simr can account for. The first place where he spent most of his life was his home town, city of schools. He did his schooling from there. He was with his family, and use to look around and saw students from different schools, some waiting for school buses, some waiting for their fathers to take them in the two or four wheelers, some waiting for public transportation, some riding cycles to school. These students starting from their homes to school, going to coaching classes after the school, carrying the burden of their dreams or rather say their family’s dreams. It was here Simr saw the dream of becoming an engineer which was inspired by known people who were pursuing the course.

But this dream took him to another city, city of colleges. He spent four years here to complete his engineering course in computer science. He saw the pain of living away from his family and home here. He made new friends and the old friends got lost in the transition. He saw the hardships in carrying out the arrangements himself for different decisions in here.

In the city of colleges, he saw a dream to become a software engineer. This dream took him to the city of IT companies. It had been six months he is here. Now earning money, feeling independant-financially and pshychologically. Getting engaged in work and his own introspected life. The work is very engaging as a software tester. You need to be careful, alert. You need to communicate to various people from different teams over phone or face-to-face. This social engagements drains his introverted self. And like to cherish the little amount of quiet time he gets after work. The transition can be seen at three levels and for him every level is great as it leaves unforgettable memories, some are mesmerizing. The different seasons he enjoyed in these three cities were amazing. The rains, the cold, the warm, the greens were all awesome experience and more have to come in the future in the city of IT companies.



An introverted IT Guy.

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