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Conflict between me and inner me.

I can listem to him. I can feel him. He sometimes make me do things which I don’t like. He most of the time makes me realize guilty when I have done some wrong. Who is he? My soul or my inner self, I don’t know what to call him. The problem is, outer self has different urges or most of them are conflicting to the urges of inner self. Society sees the outer self. They observe, quantify the actions and behaviours of outer self. They don’t know anything about the whereabouts of inner self. The inner self likes someone then wants to talk to him/her but the outer self is reluctant to make a move. The outer self wants to decorate himself and wants to look presentable to others but the inner self questions the bad qualities and malice self compated looking good outward which looks manipulated and deceiving to him. The inner self wants to be clean, pure, organized, perfect but he doesn’t know what the mess the society has made in this world. Things are not straightforward, simple as this inner self thinks.

Lies have binded the relationships together. And people are afeared of truce. Media has manipulated and misquantified the statistics, history, facts as per their viewers’ tast and likings. The listeners, viewers, spectators are brainwashed and filled with propagandas, lies, misperceptions every single day. They are so loud that their followers don’t listen to their inner self and become hypocritical, sterotypical, judgemental. But lest they are happy, they doesn’t have to realize what they have become or feel guilty.

The people who are routinely made realized by their inner self the life is not so easy. The life is not merry, celebrated,epicurean.  May be such life will be easy for them whose outer self is in peace with inner self. That is, the inner self is satisfied, what the outer self is doing. But for a person like me, the inner self  make me realize guilty often.



An introverted IT Guy.

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