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Theory of nothingness

This could be called negative thing in this so called “positive” and “moving forward” world. I don’t care where others are heading but I don’t want to follow their trail. There is some day when we achieve something like getting appreciation mail, getting reward, promotion, award, completion of project successfully. But when getting to bed in the night, to me it feels like now what? Is it all? People asks, what is your goal? Some reply, to become billionaire. But what then? The life will not stop there, you have to move forward, set new goals to move more higher. And for that you have to be more competitive and come out with innovations and strategies to beat up everybody to ease your movement up the ladder to you goal. So, it is concluded all these goals are not ultimate or final or permanent. That’s my favorite word permanent. From a long time I am seeking to acquire this word permanent. But what I experienced, this word doesn’t exist. Nothing is permanent in this world. The biggest example is our own physical existence. Then why to talk about other things. Our hunger, thirst, success, bad times, good times, prosperity, fortune, our age, our state of thinking, not a single thing is permanent here. Then what is it which drives us all.

So, I was talking about getting to bed. And then I think the day is over, and tomorrow new day will commence and will end like today. May be I will achieve something tomorrow, I will get some new experience with doing something unexpected. But at the end of the day, it will be zero. It will be nothing. What I do with the appreciation mail? So, the only thing in this world appears to be an ultimate goal is death. After that, there will be no more hunger, greed, cravings for appreciation, attention, lust , pleasures.Nothing! So for me at the end of the day before going into sleep everything becomes a big zero. May be this is negative thinking if you want to label it. But I have my reasons and rationality behind it.



An introverted IT Guy.

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