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Two diverging road.

Every time whenever i had to make a decision, I find myself with two choices, like two divergent roads. The inner self says to follow one road and the physical form said take the other one. It doesn’t matter how small or big the decision is there are always two ways of doing it ( most of the time). The conscience said take the long way which is filled with pain and misery, and will require a hard work rather smart work. The physical form which wants comfort and ease everywhere and every time wants to take the road with less stress. It becomes harder and harder to live with conscience in this modern life where people ask you to take rash decisions and to take the road will be profitable for the business. But inside you have this light of spirituality, conscience which will not let you take that road. Will question you, will produce doubts against the physical form. May be the physical form is a devil who is mean, greedy and to quote my friend “lusty to its core”. It has its own motives and intentions contradictory to the goodwill of conscience. The conscience on the other hand is not attractive at all, and will not ask you to think about the results but will lecture you to work hard and glory will follow you eventually -kind of philosophy.

Which one to follow? This question gives rise to one doubt. Do I know about my existence? Talking about the inner self and outer self I have lost myself. I am in war with me continuously. Mostly when I am in public places. It is in solitude, I feel like my inner and outer self are in peace. That is one of the reason, I doesn’t enjoy outings and public interactions. Because the conflict within can really make me torn apart and life doesn’t look in peace.



An introverted IT Guy.

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