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The Illusion

Looking at the mirror and seeing this face, looks unfamiliar. The face is part of this physical body which looks like illusion. A doubt surfaces on the existence of this body whom scientist have given generic name, Human. What is true and what is not, the body is reality or the inner engine is, which drives this muscles glued with skeleton. The conscience, it is not visible but I feel it, and sometime body fights with it, sometimes follows it.

The body is the social face which is presented in front of the society and follows social protocols, culture, traditions. But the conscience has its own set of values, culture, traditions, principles. And most of the times society’s principles conflicts with inner conscience’s. What to do? If follow the conscience, the physical body gets into problem in the society. And if not followed, the conscience takes away the peace of mind.

But this body is present because of mere chance. The existence is a random act. Then why are we here and for what. This give rise to meaninglessness, which will be considered as negative by the society. But this meaninglessness looks real and true. When the day ends, every work, achievements, happy moments vanishes. It becomes memories. But what I do with these memories, they make me drowsy, lame, dreamy and hinders my work.

We are just creating memories, for what? Looks meaningless. The body, society looks illusion. And the true inner self is in some other state, cannot be explained or expressed. The time is passing by quickly and the life is looking short now. The inner self wants freedom from society’s captivities. And one resolution is, if the physical body’s existence ceases. But without a physical form will this conscience survive? Is it true that soul is immortal? Questions are echoed and comes back with amplified intensity without any answer but same words.



An introverted IT Guy.

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