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God Vs Conscience

Who is bigger God or Conscience. People who listened to their conscience, served humanity, did good deeds and showed the moral values bestowed on even their haters. The idiot followers termed them as Gods. And later after these “Gods” died, institutionalized the God home and added their own stupid theories, which unfortunately still goes on and became a legacy and worshiped like traditions and faith. But yes, the good people wrote some literature, which was never read or if done, misunderstood by the readers and misinterpreted to the stupid and brainless masses. These massed procreated just for the sake of giving births to the work forces who can be fed with these stupid theories and can be passed on to the generations. They were successful. We are the proof of that.

Conditioning is done so strong, that these stupid theories are the word of God to us. These conditioning has blinded us and refrained us from looking onto the lives of these good men who existed once. If we see them, they used their conscience to make brave decisions and serve the humanity. They sacrificed themselves for the sake of their morality and integrity and righteousness. We should worship our own conscience then worshiping these man made Gods. We should get inspired by them, but should not worship them.



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