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God Vs Time

God, a man made entity. As human has given names to animals like dogs, cats and everyone. He has certainly given a name to a mystery which he believe has created everything around and us. If he doesn’t get an answer it gives it a name God. God my dear don’t exist. There is no God ever present or ever existed. If something was present it was Time. Things created over the time. Time is the healer. Time is good, sometimes time is bad when spoken in the context of somebody’s miseries. Time, also a man made name but then, you cannot see it but you feel it. You are aging with this time. Time is omnipresent and it is ubiquitous. It is universal. It stretches its boundaries into a wide range of unknown and yet undiscovered galaxies, universes.

This time has seen brave, good, evil people battling wars, ruling the continents and yet time remained but not those people. They won the victories but lost the battle with time. Then tell me how can something be more greater than Time? People who showed morality, goodness,fought with strong evils were termed as God, but they were not. The stupid masses and disciples termed them Gods and made a tradition which is continuing till today on false premises that once some Godly presence existed on the earth. On the name of God, they have opened religious institutions which are only concerned about the money of idiots who buy these theories of false traditions and faith which are merely the continuous conditioning done by their parents who were part of the community. These are businesses opened to serve own good in the name and valor of someone who was just a human.



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