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Procreation and Conditioning

The world is getting overpopulated. Living in India I can feel it. So much competition everywhere, for college admissions, private as well as government job openings. People love to procreate. For men it is the most manly thing they do. For women it is the longing feeling they want to experience to have a life. They (parents) nurture this life and feed enormous information about their culture, faith and environment into these kids. But the problem starts when these parents start feeding their incomplete and wrong knowledge about other religions or their stereotypical notions about the world to their kins. In other words all the crap and waste is dumped into the pure minds from their forefathers. And this is endless cycle, it will continue from one generation to other. And surprisingly the story may change and take some other twists on the go, thus creating misunderstandings.

In the country like India which is a multicultural society, these misunderstandings can take a bloody and dirty turns. Why we are having these baseless notions and transferring it to our pure minds? We are conditioning their minds, not only in homes but in schools, in televisions, everywhere. Like a terrorist is conditioned and made to believe wrong notions against the whole communities when only very few are the culprits ( especially government’s policies and temperament, for example in Kashmir and Punjab). For instance, we in India are made to believe that Pakistan is our enemy. It is our perspectives and thoughts which doesn’t have credibility. And these are passed on to our children, who become judgemental, stereotypes and hypocrites. Their creativity is destroyed in schools. The devilish teachers (most of them) inculcates and instills fear into the young minds. This conditioning is so strong, that becomes the very base or foundation of their lives. And as usual, follows a cycle, passed on to their kids.



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