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The Philosopher is killed!

In today’s world, people are becoming more materialistic, social media enthusiasts. They are busy in their tiring works and if not busy, then focused in talking with others or engaged in social media tools. In all this, so called ‘busy life’ they have left out one person behind and haven’t talked to it from a long time. That person is the inner self. So, the philosopher, the one’s self  is dead and no more existing in our lives. Because of lack of this philosopher, we are losing self realization, morality, righteousness and empathy. It is in those lone times when a philosopher becomes alive and talks in some sense into our materialistic self. But we don’t have this lone time per say.

We are losing the basic humanity in our daily lives. Yes, we are talking so much and are socially super active but not talking to this philosopher, we are losing that basic essence of life. We are losing attributes like honesty, truthfulness, etc. as the source of these qualities lie within our conscience. The philosopher is dead and with it every single attribute which makes us human and are actions are becoming inhuman and conscienceless. We have many close friends today but we have lost a very old and selfless friend, that philosopher.

So, the question is how we can regain this philosopher back into our lives? Simple, we need to feed talks to it. We need to lend our ear to it. We need to have a strong and healthy alone time. To have that precious lone time is must for us. We have to get back that lone time from our busy life. Because if we get it back, we can become human again, we can become a life again.



An introverted IT Guy.

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