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True meaning of Khalistan

Over the years, people have sabotaged and changed the meaning of the term ‘Khalistan’. The meaning literally is “Land of Pure”. And it is symbolic. It should not belong to a particular religion. But some greedy and selfish “Sikh” separatists have given it a meaning equivalent to getting a separate nation for Sikhs. Khalistan doesn’t mean a place where people drinking liquor, smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, molesting or eve teasing women, encouraging abortions. Wearing a turban and going to Gurudwara doesn’t mean somebody is a Sikh. It comes from inside, following the Guru’s teachings and principles of humanity makes people a true Sikh. A land where every person can follow his/her own religion properly, without hurting the feelings of other culture and religion, and where people abide by the law of nature and humanity, is a land of pure. A land where people are morally upright and helps and supports the needy, is a land of pure.

Looking at present Punjab, no one can say it a land of pure or it is even a candidate to become one. High amount of drugs is consumed in this state, thanks to Pakistan. The militancy has done a great damage which was encouraged by Pakistan. And on top of that Punjab Government and administration, in the process of crushing militancy in the state, killed and arrested many innocent Sikh youth, which again became an agony among the Sikh community. The Punjabi NRI which include Sikh and non Sikhs are giving motivation and encouragement to such Khalistan movements under a propaganda and personal motives. They are damaging the symbolic authenticity of the word Khalistan, which I will say again means Land of Pure. The person who is pure (Khalis) will follow the law of humanity and will serve humanity. And the day everyone will do it regardless of his religion, the place will become a land of pure.

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Bangalore Sky


Bangalore sky looks like a big blue canvas, on which white clouds make beautiful patterns during the day..

The photograph is taken from office building in Manyata Tech Park, Bangalore. And shows same beauty in the evening as can be seen during day. Only change being the color of the sky. Fascinating, isn’t it?