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The Blue Revolution – 1

The advertisement in the newspaper read “For all you single people, lets celebrate singleness.” The world where society puts a lot of pressure on people to find their better half and also the hormonal disturbances which give rise to the feelings to get together with the opposite sex. These longing feelings, force us to flirt, try to get to know people and find that perfect mate. This looks ideal scenario, which is rare. The singleness of 2.5 decades, give a clear proof that you haven’t found one. The ones you found were way out of your league. Or worse, you were cheated and your “perfect mate” left you in the middle of nowhere and shockingly moved on more easily than you are doing.

When Aaron was left behind by his lover in the journey, which they both promised to travel together forever, it was heartbreaking as he tried every possible way to get her back. He didn’t left any stone unturned, but still, found him back to where he was, before he found her. It short lived, but being as genuine as the tears in the eyes of helpless person, he committed himself to this relationship to his core. It was then, he met his old school friend, who was his best friend, but lost him over misunderstandings and big ego.

They discussed over this for long. And Aaron came to know, that he is not alone in this “love” subject. Shabh, his friend had a long term relationship, almost 3 years, which took a very little time to shatter. Such long time relationship, fills more pain than the short termed. But if the person is genuine, it doesn’t matter how long was the relationship lasted.

Over the days they discussed about it and it was funny that, they started the discussion of how they will create a revolution which will empower the helpless singles. All those who were thrashed, beaten up emotionally by their partners, will get an opportunity to celebrate the precious singleness, which they got back. They termed it as the “Blue Revolution”

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While you were away.

When you left on that dreadful day, everything went into turmoil. She was lonely and she had two souls to raise. It was tough, how single mother struggles with life. To give time to your pain and same time provide care to the little ones. Life looks frustrating and unworthy to live when your better half is dead. The problem is that half remains there attached to you decaying everyday, giving you the feeling that you are there but of no worth. Your presence in the form of memories give more pain than relaxation.

Everyday, waking up in the world without you, gives a feeling of torn apart. But the life gives motive to live for those little ones, who gives you smiles with their innocence.

And the time passes. All grow, and life changes drastically. One day the life cycle is repeated. The little ones reach your age, when you left. But while looking back to that first day without you, gives the same shivers and pain, that are as fresh as that dreadful day itself.

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Cold Night of November

The hands were trembling while dipping the biscuit into the tea at the eatery on the highway. It was late cold night of November. Simr realized the chill of the night is as cold as the cold heart shown that day by his almighty. It looked like the fate is acting like his blood thirsty enemy. It was not only the hands which were trembling but the whole world around him trembled and came crashing to the grounds. The ship was wrecked and was drowning inside his heart. While everything looked quiet outside, the volcano had erupted inside his loins. His guts gave up and he became mere statue of Atlas carrying, his world of thoughts on his shoulders. Overburdened and exhausted by his thoughts, but still he was holding up the shock he got. All of them then got back to the matador which was carrying the dead body of his father back to the home from the popular hospital in Delhi. It took 8 hours to reach home where saddened family members and relatives were waiting for them and the deceased. He retired himself to the bed, mentally tired while screams, hue and cries were disturbing his background. He remembered the motor bike toy, he saw outside the hospital in a street shop, which his aunt promised to buy him after his father’s health recovery but sadly that day never came. That night appeared like his sun has set forever and he will not be able to see it again rising. It looked like the train in which he was traveling the journey of his life, went into a never ending dark tunnel. That night was as dark as the coal mine.