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While you were away.

When you left on that dreadful day, everything went into turmoil. She was lonely and she had two souls to raise. It was tough, how single mother struggles with life. To give time to your pain and same time provide care to the little ones. Life looks frustrating and unworthy to live when your better half is dead. The problem is that half remains there attached to you decaying everyday, giving you the feeling that you are there but of no worth. Your presence in the form of memories give more pain than relaxation.

Everyday, waking up in the world without you, gives a feeling of torn apart. But the life gives motive to live for those little ones, who gives you smiles with their innocence.

And the time passes. All grow, and life changes drastically. One day the life cycle is repeated. The little ones reach to the age of you when you left. But while looking back to that first day without you, gives the same shivers and pain, which are as fresh as that dreadful day itself.



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