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The religion of Politics.

No religion in the world talks about killing innocent people except one. The religion of politics. This one divides masses and instills anger and hatred among them, for each other. The people who follow the religion of politics are known as politicians. They manipulate the masses or communities by getting into the crowd wearing same community dress like a wolf  get into the lions community wearing a lion’s skin. They appear consoling to the community emotions but have wicked plan to touch their nerves while blabbing out fake stories and lies out of their mastered propaganda manifesto. A politician can play different roles and is a great orator who can get influence communities in a negative way. They are the biggest hypocrites and ironical examples in the whole world. Their beliefs tends to change according to the kind of a crowd they are addressing without changing their wrong principles they have earned from their books of politics.

They are the hiding wolves under the lions’ skin, which deceive people and compels them to get provoked and initiate the acts of terror against innocent and poor people mostly. The politician could be a Prime Minister of a country or a terrorist head of a terrorist group or even a religious leader. They take refuge under one religion and brainwash people by saying hatred quotes from their own books of politics while pretending they are reading it from a real religious books. The politics have torn apart the very social ingredient of life and that is trust and blamed it on religions and religious books. These politicians have also tried to blame the whole community when only people like them have killed innocent people. The propaganda have become so strong that people take it for granted, without putting thoughts into it. People are brainwashed under the name of religion while these politicians, follower of politics have successfully installed or planted their political ideas into the lame minds.

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Beat Monday

Many people have suffered the Monday’s blues or Monday fever as a metaphor to fear of Monday. Monday, first day of a week doesn’t encounters the welcoming gesture it deserves from the working class people or students majorly. But in my opinion we should have strategies to beat this mentality thus beating the mighty Monday which stands like a Voldemort to our beloved Harry Potter. There are some outlined strategies to beat the heat of Monday on every Monday morning.

Dress Nicely – Wear your best suit to office on Monday. You might have so many dresses for office, and you would have tried at least once. So, you know which one suits you better than your other apparels. Just wear the winner or champion of your wardrobe and be confident. The excitement of wearing your favorite and best clothing will try to reduce your Monday anxiety to some extent. You will feel confident as you look into the mirror and will surely going to embrace your outlook. And if you get few compliments for your dress or how you look, that will add on as a weaponry to battle the ruthless Monday.

Plan recreation – Mondays could be busy at office but you can save some time to do a recreational activity alone or with your friends who feel the same heat of Monday as you do. You can go out for bowling or changing you routine lunch to barge into some delicious meals and cuisine in a lavish restaurants. It could be like your extended weekend alongside work. You can also try to do something you didn’t do and wanted to do for a long time. For instance, talking to a new girl or a new guy on the office floor. The key is doing casual things apart from engaging yourself in your professional work.

In conclusion, Monday is not an enemy but could be made a friend with right people around you and most importantly by changing your mind to be indifferent to it and treat it like any other day. Let us make Monday a day for creativity, casualness and forever young.


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The true Good.

The goodness exist until adversity strikes on the face of so called “good” person. The problems can uncover the weaknesses of the good fellow. It can tear them and it will compel them to kneel in front of evil. Only true good can withstand adversity. I will narrate two good people from the history without taking their names but that doesn’t mean I am making up the stories. It is true and really happened as per the historians. The true goodness existed.

The first instance is of a man who stood against the injustices of powerful ruler of a nation, a dictator who oppressed the weaker sections of the society and compelled them to change their religion to his. The true good man stood against him like his father did by giving up his life for few representatives from oppressed class to save their identity. He with his followers stood adamant and still sincerely to face the merciless dictator. He lost his sons and mother during battle and after it. A good man can remain good until he sees his family’s existence is endangered by the enemy. But this man gave up everything to stand to his ground from the starting till the end again the mighty forces. He believe to have the force of goodness which seemed less in numbers but the blessings from the Lord was uncountable.

The second instance is of a man who was related to the first true good man in a way that the former showed the latter the prevailing injustices in the nation. The second true good man took the blessings of the former and started his quest to fight the merciless with only five men besides him and five arrows in his quiver. Till he reached his destination, he was joined by few good men in his conquest. With his few followers and leap of faith he started winning every battle he fought and started growing stronger and mightier. He captured most of the part and established his rule. He ruled for a few years though and was captured and brought to the dictator’s capital in chains. He looked like a lion in captivity showcased to general public. This good man was still offered to convert to dictator’s religion and enjoy lifelong privileges. But he denied. The result, his men were slaughtered everyday in front of the public and him until he was left with his family. He had a infant baby. The barbarians didn’t killed the second true man first. But cut open the chest of his son in front of him. Took out his heart and put it in his father’s mouth forcibly. Still the true good warrior didn’t gave up and was killed mercilessly by the butchers.

This is what a true good people are like. They don’t fear the adversity of losing a war or danger on their family or danger on their own life. They accept it as a reparation they have to pay to stand against the mighty evil.

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Positive Nihilism

If you have nothing to lose, what will be your attitude towards your respective life? Will this notion change anything in you? I am not sure about others, but it will change my attitude for sure. There are fears which evolve from the thought of failures in new risky ventures. But if the dream/passion/goal is necessary and dear to you, finally you will get yourself into the fire and will put all your efforts, hard work, money to achieve it. You will have the fears as said above but that fear might have positive effects on you and your efforts which needs to be improvised. Positive fear is different than positive nihilism. Nihilism alone means to not having a need to get a dream/passion. But positive will not only add an extra word to it but also will add the nothing to lose mentality. And hysterically remove the thought of fear.

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Define Integrity.

I was standing on the platform number 11, where my train was resting but the doors were bolted as, some cleaning was going on inside. Therefore, I was outside, waiting for it to open, so that I can sprung upon my seat and take some rest after an earlier journey. I was heading to my hometown. And was feeling a little generous while beggars were pouring in and asking for alms. But at one point I got frustrated and I started refusing them, saying that I don’t have change. Until a cute small girl came and as usual I thought she is one of them. Felt a heart melt, so I checked my wallet. But I only had Re. 1 coin. I felt ashamed but I gave it to her. The incident after that shook me from head to toe. She put the coin back to my pocket while she said something. I was anticipating that she refused Re 1 alms, as it was below her standards. But then I saw pens in her hand which she was trying to sell to me. But as I got accustomed with experiencing  beggars, I imagined her from same perspective which went wrong. And as I gained the outer world’s consciousness and looked around, she was gone. And it was after two minutes from the incident that I analyzed what she probably was muttering. While she was putting back that Re 1 in my pocket, she said, ” I don’t take money like that, I am selling pens” I really felt embarrassed and a condescending fool. What I was thinking of her?

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The Blue Revolution – 2

The tree inside the camp area will be named Singlewood to signify the essence of singleness. The feeling of calmness and care will radiate from the tree of Singlewood and will spread over all the devotees as a blessing. Singles will come for sure, as the camp will promise to instill within them the joy and and spiritual love. It will turn the negativity of their attribute which  has let them down over the past few years into a positive tool to yield the golden harvest of their good qualities. Nobody will have the right to deny them their right to be joyful and happy. Nobody will have the control over their emotions. They shall seek peace and freedom in the camp and nowhere else. Their cheerfulness and smiles will not be a slave to the dark dependencies of someone who have condescended themselves, have lost all virtues, rationality and morals.

The blue angels above will beseech mercy of the lord, they will take up the cases of these Goddamned singles to the lord themselves. The power will struck as a lightening and shall fall upon the tree of Singlewood, to get the power to spread the shine unto the lives of the victims. Sudden outburst of laughter channeled out loudly. It was him. Aaron imagined all this and laughed out, compelling Shabh also to behave in a same manner.



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The rising sun.

It was the 28th time that I was getting ready for a job hiring call. It was too early for the winter morning with darkness all around. The whole colony was sleeping, except my dreams which were burning yellow and red furiously like a sun. I started from home and it was still dark, no sign of sun anywhere. Looked like he is dead. Reached the metro station and caught the first metro train of the day. Reached Noida station and moved out to catch those lousy city buses advertising and lauding  state government’s policies. Sat at those last seats to get a bumpy rides which can take me to the knowledge park where in one of the Engineering college, this big blue company was arriving to hire the prospective IBMers. It was then I looked sideways on the right to peek out of the foggy window,there I can see the projection  of my burning dream, in its initial stage obviously. In that winter morning, it looked weak but with unparalleled potential. The rising sun, was so weak that I could look into it directly without blinking my eyes. But the sensation of rising of the star, gave me moist eyes, as I compared it with my big dreams. I didn’t had any food that day, as the tension of hiring process was clearly there in the mind and also the hunger was different that day, to acquire success. The first round got cleared, the second one too and then I faced the interviewer who was very much interested in what asset of mine, I can bring forth to his organization. It got cleared too without a big fuss, and documentation was done. It got too late. I was still mystified and in the state of shock inside, but outside of me appeared in contradiction. The journey took reverse gear and I caught the second last metro of that day. Reached my destination, had my first meal of that day and felt contented with both hungers, success and food.