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The rising sun.

It was the 28th time that I was getting ready for a job hiring call. It was too early for the winter morning with darkness all around. The whole colony was sleeping, except my dreams which were burning yellow and red furiously like a sun. I started from home and it was still dark, no sign of sun anywhere. Looked like he is dead. Reached the metro station and caught the first metro train of the day. Reached Noida station and moved out to catch those lousy city buses advertising and lauding  state government’s policies. Sat at those last seats to get a bumpy rides which can take me to the knowledge park where in one of the Engineering college, this big blue company was arriving to hire the prospective IBMers. It was then I looked sideways on the right to peek out of the foggy window,there I can see the projection  of my burning dream, in its initial stage obviously. In that winter morning, it looked weak but with unparalleled potential. The rising sun, was so weak that I could look into it directly without blinking my eyes. But the sensation of rising of the star, gave me moist eyes, as I compared it with my big dreams. I didn’t had any food that day, as the tension of hiring process was clearly there in the mind and also the hunger was different that day, to acquire success. The first round got cleared, the second one too and then I faced the interviewer who was very much interested in what asset of mine, I can bring forth to his organization. It got cleared too without a big fuss, and documentation was done. It got too late. I was still mystified and in the state of shock inside, but outside of me appeared in contradiction. The journey took reverse gear and I caught the second last metro of that day. Reached my destination, had my first meal of that day and felt contented with both hungers, success and food.



An introverted IT Guy.

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