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The Blue Revolution – 2

The tree inside the camp area will be named Singlewood to signify the essence of singleness. The feeling of calmness and care will radiate from the tree of Singlewood and will spread over all the devotees as a blessing. Singles will come for sure, as the camp will promise to instill within them the joy and and spiritual love. It will turn the negativity of their attribute which  has let them down over the past few years into a positive tool to yield the golden harvest of their good qualities. Nobody will have the right to deny them their right to be joyful and happy. Nobody will have the control over their emotions. They shall seek peace and freedom in the camp and nowhere else. Their cheerfulness and smiles will not be a slave to the dark dependencies of someone who have condescended themselves, have lost all virtues, rationality and morals.

The blue angels above will beseech mercy of the lord, they will take up the cases of these Goddamned singles to the lord themselves. The power will struck as a lightening and shall fall upon the tree of Singlewood, to get the power to spread the shine unto the lives of the victims. Sudden outburst of laughter channeled out loudly. It was him. He imagined all this and laughed out, compelling me also to behave in a same manner.





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