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Define Integrity.

I was standing on the platform number 11, where my train was resting but the doors were bolted as, some cleaning was going on inside. Therefore, I was outside, waiting for it to open, so that I can sprung upon my seat and take some rest after an earlier journey. I was heading to my hometown. And was feeling a little generous while beggars were pouring in and asking for alms. But at one point I got frustrated and I started refusing them, saying that I don’t have change. Until a cute small girl came and as usual I thought she is one of them. Felt a heart melt, so I checked my wallet. But I only had Re. 1 coin. I felt ashamed but I gave it to her. The incident after that shook me from head to toe. She put the coin back to my pocket while she said something. I was anticipating that she refused Re 1 alms, as it was below her standards. But then I saw pens in her hand which she was trying to sell to me. But as I got accustomed with experiencing  beggars, I imagined her from same perspective which went wrong. And as I gained the outer world’s consciousness and looked around, she was gone. And it was after two minutes from the incident that I analyzed what she probably was muttering. While she was putting back that Re 1 in my pocket, she said, ” I don’t take money like that, I am selling pens” I really felt embarrassed and a condescending fool. What I was thinking of her?



An introverted IT Guy.

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