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Positive Nihilism

If you have nothing to lose, what will be your attitude towards your respective life? Will this notion change anything in you? I am not sure about others, but it will change my attitude for sure. There are fears which evolve from the thought of failures in new risky ventures. But if the dream/passion/goal is necessary and dear to you, finally you will get yourself into the fire and will put all your efforts, hard work, money to achieve it. You will have the fears as said above but that fear might have positive effects on you and your efforts which needs to be improvised. Positive fear is different than positive nihilism. Nihilism alone means to not having a need to get a dream/passion. But positive will not only add an extra word to it but also will add the nothing to lose mentality. And hysterically remove the thought of fear.



An introverted IT Guy.

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