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Beat Monday

Many people have suffered the Monday’s blues or Monday fever as a metaphor to fear of Monday. Monday, first day of a week doesn’t encounters the welcoming gesture it deserves from the working class people or students majorly. But in my opinion we should have strategies to beat this mentality thus beating the mighty Monday which stands like a Voldemort to our beloved Harry Potter. There are some outlined strategies to beat the heat of Monday on every Monday morning.

Dress Nicely – Wear your best suit to office on Monday. You might have so many dresses for office, and you would have tried at least once. So, you know which one suits you better than your other apparels. Just wear the winner or champion of your wardrobe and be confident. The excitement of wearing your favorite and best clothing will try to reduce your Monday anxiety to some extent. You will feel confident as you look into the mirror and will surely going to embrace your outlook. And if you get few compliments for your dress or how you look, that will add on as a weaponry to battle the ruthless Monday.

Plan recreation – Mondays could be busy at office but you can save some time to do a recreational activity alone or with your friends who feel the same heat of Monday as you do. You can go out for bowling or changing you routine lunch to barge into some delicious meals and cuisine in a lavish restaurants. It could be like your extended weekend alongside work. You can also try to do something you didn’t do and wanted to do for a long time. For instance, talking to a new girl or a new guy on the office floor. The key is doing casual things apart from engaging yourself in your professional work.

In conclusion, Monday is not an enemy but could be made a friend with right people around you and most importantly by changing your mind to be indifferent to it and treat it like any other day. Let us make Monday a day for creativity, casualness and forever young.




An introverted IT Guy.

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