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The religion of Politics.

No religion in the world talks about killing innocent people except one. The religion of politics. This one divides masses and instills anger and hatred among them, for each other. The people who follow the religion of politics are known as politicians. They manipulate the masses or communities by getting into the crowd wearing same community dress like a wolf  get into the lions community wearing a lion’s skin. They appear consoling to the community emotions but have wicked plan to touch their nerves while blabbing out fake stories and lies out of their mastered propaganda manifesto. A politician can play different roles and is a great orator who can get influence communities in a negative way. They are the biggest hypocrites and ironical examples in the whole world. Their beliefs tends to change according to the kind of a crowd they are addressing without changing their wrong principles they have earned from their books of politics.

They are the hiding wolves under the lions’ skin, which deceive people and compels them to get provoked and initiate the acts of terror against innocent and poor people mostly. The politician could be a Prime Minister of a country or a terrorist head of a terrorist group or even a religious leader. They take refuge under one religion and brainwash people by saying hatred quotes from their own books of politics while pretending they are reading it from a real religious books. The politics have torn apart the very social ingredient of life and that is trust and blamed it on religions and religious books. These politicians have also tried to blame the whole community when only people like them have killed innocent people. The propaganda have become so strong that people take it for granted, without putting thoughts into it. People are brainwashed under the name of religion while these politicians, follower of politics have successfully installed or planted their political ideas into the lame minds.



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