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The wrong place.

It was end of the the first semester with the gift of exams, and that too at a distant and separate college as a test center. The last exam was a reliever and while coming out of the exam room, Simr was exhilarated but also at the same time needed an urge to use the privy. One more friend joined him in his quest to find the restroom which was looking impossible as they moved up and down the floors. Finally they saw one that seemed gender unbiased as no indication whatsoever was put on the door. They went inside, it was quiet and there were compartments and no urinals. That should be their first clue, but they were too stupid to think as the priority was overwhelming.

They went in. Simr was the first one to come out and BOOM! Two girls were standing near the basin looking puzzled at him. It was an embarrassing time, which felt longer. But he collected his courage and walked towards the basin with eyes grounded and washed his hands to show the ladies of the house, his healthy upbringing obviously. The manners were outshone to dazzle them, and stole the moments to get out of there before anyone screamed or even fainted. He didn’t care about his partner in crime who was still relieving himself and feeling exulted doing that.Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but then reality strikes which conveys the information about your stupidity. Simr didn’t stop until the college entrance gate was behind him. No fuss was made, no one came to know. Everything was fine. He didn’t even asked the other friend about the later part of the story at the crime scene when they both met after the winter break.



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