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Everyone have faced stereotyping or generalization based on their religion, color, gender, culture, beliefs, etc. I really feel irritated personally with such judgemental attitude of others. So people should have broad mindedness and must accept the following statements:

A person could be a north Indian who have starch based diet.

A person could be a Punjabi and still be a vegetarian.

All Sikhs are not Punjabi and vice versa. For instance, I am a Kashmiri as my ancestors were Kashmiri Brahmins until one generation decided to convert.

A person could be a alcoholic teetotaler and still enjoys parties.


A person could be an Indian but still likes Pakistani artists and sports persons.

And many more.

Hope the society comes out of these predetermined judgements and start looking at a person with a new light of open mindedness, neglecting all the wrong perspectives learned and earned all through their upbringing.




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