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The first day.

It was accidental that Simr got enrolled for the Volleyball training of 2006 school summer camp. He showed promising stuff at the cricket training during PT classes. And consequently, was invited by the PT Instructor, to go for cricket trials after school, indirectly through a new friend who encompassed in various sports activities and represented school at several occasions for one or the other reasons. He got a chance to bowl, but failed miserably. It was evident that he was not made for this Indian popular sport. But this was the beginning and soon he felt to give a try to volleyball which as a matter of fact, he never played in his whole life.

So, the summer camp started, and it was really crowded as all the enthusiasts for different sports were collected under a single roof. When most of the guys and girls were expecting to get a hands on of  their sports on the first day, it went in contrary. A run from the school to the parade ground was organized for warming up.It was hard and tiring during the time when May had departed and mighty June was coming strong without ever warming up on its first day. It was the first lesson, a start of the long journey, he was about to initiate that opened the door of various experiences he would be going through over the next few years.

The concept of warming up was very well designed, as can be seen the next day when there was a considerable amount of reduction in the population compared to the first day.

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The two faces.

There is one face that faces inwardly and the other who sees and feels the world through various mediums. People whose inner and outer faces are inclined on the same philosophies and principles, live happily and contented. The one who doesn’t realize the inner face are also happy but ignorant. But the problem comes with the people who defies outer face or whose inner and outer faces are like North and South of the directions. They faces the rant of inner self and sometimes the anger of the outside world who seems such people as anti social. Because if these people listen to their inner calling, they doesn’t fit with the mentally blind followers and if they listen to the society, the inner self doesn’t let them live in peace.

These people have higher self realization or self awareness. They have bestowed inside them, the Vedic principle of  higher level of “Brahman”. They know the rights and wrongs and thus burns everyday in agony seeing the world working on contradictory principles or working far off along the set benchmarks by their inner identity. The inner self is never in peace with them as the outer self works to appease the society for its own survival. They are in continuous conflicts.

The ones who defies outer face and have self realization as a core or realm of their life, feel disconnected from the outer world and also doesn’t understand the rhetoric society. They doesn’t have the means to react or respond to the people. They feel helpless and incapable to respond to the stupidity of the general masses who are usually ignorant of their inner self or one can say lower in the scale of their “Brahman” quantifying system. These people only knows one face that is inner one, that is shapeless, spiritual, boundless and intellectual.

They often disconnect or feel difficulty in accepting their outer face to the world. They doesn’t relate to the outer face that they show up everyday to the people. They feel the world and their outer existence as illusion of their own. Dreams looks reality to them and the reality looks otherwise.

They face the anger of their two worlds.

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Remove the D from the OCD.

They say it is a disorder. The things that looks disorderly are given a term of disorder. Scientists have given reasons like chemical imbalances and under-use or over-use of some sections of the brain, a root cause for Obsessive Compulsion found in some people. But in my opinion, having experiencing  it first hand from the age of 8, it is not a disorder but an attempt of people like us to give an order in our daily lives.

It is something like conditioned by the mind over the years, to repeat some kind of actions that doesn’t look rational seeing from the eyes of our “perfect” outer world. But the people who goes through it have reasons to do so. The insecurity, distrust and self doubt give rise to checking locks, switches multiple times to appease the inner self that physical imperfect body has done its work properly and is not fooled by illusions, assumptions and distractions of the outer world. One more example could be, getting impacted by a violent show in television. And started worrying about the security of one self and the related family. As a result started repeating a special kind of prayer, at a specific time of the day, to the God, to save people from the hands of evils as portrayed in the show.

Hence, there are reasons beyond scientific generalizations and apathy, that to me, looks rational enough to be performed like rituals everyday and hate it to see the world calling it a disorder, when the person knows it is just Obsessive Compulsion to give an accord to the inner anxieties and provide inner peace.

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The Trap

The spirit, the intellect looks trapped in this physical embodiment. The body is like an abstract that has predefined physical attributes like organs and other bodily functions but it is our intelligence, thinking that differs us from each other and make us unique. But as in our modern society, the trend of following one belief is on the rise, has taken away that distinctness and freedom out of our minds. And, without that freedom, the spiritual intellect finds itself trapped inside this hypocrite, ironical and judgemental physical body.

The body is born, decays and finally dies. But what makes us who we are, is our thinking and actions. These functions are originated in our mind and compels the body to perform. But when you are bounded by society’s hypocrisies and ironies, your thinking become malice and filters or restrict the purity to flow freely. The impurities like hate, judgements, treachery, dishonesty, apathy prevails, multiplies and grows exponentially. This is making hell for those who are in minority with respect to defying these malpractices. The spirit is always free but restricting it to do its work with the same gusto, takes away the inner peace for those who have higher level of realization and awareness of its existence. They experience the contradiction in the inner directions, principles and the actions performed by the physical body which is, in reality the reflection of the society or outer influence but pretends to be the inner decisions. The bad actions are controlled by these external factors to appease bad intentions of the society and not the inner pure spirit’s.

So, in conclusion, the people who have self realization, continuously feels that their spirituality is trapped inside this body which is the reflection of the outer world.

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Most significant thing

Once in his court, Akbar asked Birbal -“What is the most significant thing in this world?”. Birbal asked for a month time to get the answer, but felt helpless when twenty days went in vain. One day while going home, he saw a child sitting under the tree and eating chick peas one by one. Birbal went to him and inquired about such an action. The kid replied that he has very less amount of food and eating it for a long time will keep his hunger in control. Birbal was impressed by his wit and took him to his home.

Birbal was worried as the deadline to get the answer for the king’s question was nearing. And this tension was very much seen by the kid, upon which, when he got to know the reason, he told it is a simple question. Birbal was shocked. Kid said the most significant thing in the world is human brain. Birbal was excited and happily presented this answer to Akbar. Akbar commended him but asked his next question – ” What it eats?”. “What an insane question?”, Birbal thought. But he has to get its answer too. Again he tried his luck with the kid and consequently this time too the kid was ready with the answer. He said, brain eats thoughts. A intelligent person will think before he/she commits any action. A stupid person cannot conceive or comprehend thoughts. Birbal rejoiced and told this answer to Akbar, who was again very happy. But asked another question – “What it drinks?”. Again the kid came to Birbal’s rescue, and said, brain drinks anger. A sensible person will not get short tempered and will not get angry on other people stupidity. Akbar was satisfied with the answer conveyed to him by Birbal.

So, finally the emperor came to his last question – “What it can do?”. For this the kid told Birbal, that he will present himself in front of Akbar to give the answer. He went to the court with Birbal and after his introduction, he asked Akbar to step down from the throne. Akbar was hesitant but upon rational argument that this will only give the answer to his question, he agreed and came down. The kid sat on the throne and told, brain can do wonders, it can make you king of the kingdom, it can persuade people and various other things..

Akbar was totally satisfied and praised the child.

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Mustard Seeds

Once upon a time in a village there was a woman who lost her husband and later her son to a disease. She was in a deep sorrow, and wanted answers to this ill-fate. She heard from the villagers about a monk who use to sit under a banyan tree. Collecting her broken bits she went to that place where the monk was indulged in meditation. She revealed her misery in front of him and begged for answers. The monk listened very quietly and upon his turn, asked her to get some mustard seeds from someone’s house in her village. It was a very easy task. But then that monk added – “Get the seeds from a household where nobody have died ever”. She went to accomplish this task in hand. She went every house and each one of them had mustard seeds. But everywhere there was someone who had died in the past. So she returned empty handed. Without monk uttering a word, the lady had gotten the real meaning of the task. Everyone is facing miseries as part of their life. People have lost their loved ones as everyone have to die compelled upon them by the  law of nature.

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My ranking of Wes Anderson movies.

I have been literally taken away since I watched the first movie directed by Wes Anderson. It is after researching that I came to know about his other works and fortunately I was able to see each one of them. So here is my personal ranking of the movies I saw in the past 2 months.

  1. The Grand Budapest Hotel
  2. Fantastic Mr. Fox
  3. The Royal Tenenbaums
  4. The Darjeeling Limited
  5. Rushmore
  6. Moonrise Kingdom
  7. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  8. Bottle Rocket

Apart from the symmetrical cinematography, beautiful and colorful backgrounds, intriguing and eloquent characters, magical narration and last but not the least great selection of song tracks, these movies have flamboyant stories weaved out of magic.

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The fight

He was lost in love. His one-sided love. Whoever looking into his case would say “he is a coward”. But really it was the fear of rejection that haunted him. And moreover he was happy and contented with his love. Looking at her was enough for his heart to race uncontrollably. In the school premises, he contained within him the secret of liking her so well that his closest peers were clueless. But then the fight happened and cards were revealed. The story that started from January reached the ugliest month of September. This month has troubled him a lot in the past and will in the future too. And as his favorite band GreenDay told “Wake me up when September ends”, he was very much convinced that September should end as soon as possible for one or the other reasons.

So, September came, and with it came the day when his girl was teased by some brat. He was unaware of the incident but the next day brought a big limelight on the matter. And as a secret admirer of her charm and protector of her dignity, he came up without a second thought to face the villain. But who is the villain was his question. As a matter of fact his friend was a part of a dignified group who brought justices to the poor students by fighting for them. And Simr, the guy in love has to reveal everything to him to get the support and blessing of the group. He was invited for the mission to join the group who intended to add another chapter in their book of conquests. So they were ready at an undisclosed location A,  waiting for the villain to arrive. The mighty arrived soon and realized the gravity of the situation. First the crime done by him was narrated, and the intention was also made very clear. But the mission was interrupted when a savior came from no where to support the wrong. The guy was older and made the justice group realize his position of influence. He knew many popular people who could bring the group on its knees. So, long story short, mission was aborted.

The lost warriors came to another undisclosed low profile location B, where they met their followers and sister groups. The tale of setting sun on their shores were narrated to the keen ears. It helped in the sense that one person from the audience knew the home location of older guy who made the mission fail. So, the group rejuvenated and headed towards the compromised location. The situation changed, the older guy’s attitude and manner came along the good lines and he was no more aggressive. But this time the group  was furious. Consequently, the anger was vented out on the older guy in the dark of course. The enemy of the justice was down and the group cheered and went off. Next day the story penetrated all through the school’s classrooms and playgrounds. And the one name that shook people’s mind was that of our own, the very shy, the very weak, the smiling idiot, the lover guy himself. Investigation was made on where the group was as they bunked or in good words sacrificed their maths class to carry on with their “saving the world” attitude. But no one opened their mouths.

The battle lost its focus due to the distraction but the intention was made very clear in the minds of those who hated justice. The tale became legacy and still got passed onto the younger generation of the school, so that no crime should go unpunished in the future too.