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The fight

He was lost in love. His one-sided love. Whoever looking into his case would say “he is a coward”. But really it was the fear of rejection that haunted him. And moreover he was happy and contented with his love. Looking at her was enough for his heart to race uncontrollably. In the school premises, he contained within him the secret of liking her so well that his closest peers were clueless. But then the fight happened and cards were revealed. The story that started from January reached the ugliest month of September. This month has troubled him a lot in the past and will in the future too. And as his favorite band GreenDay told “Wake me up when September ends”, he was very much convinced that September should end as soon as possible for one or the other reasons.

So, September came, and with it came the day when his girl was teased by some brat. He was unaware of the incident but the next day brought a big limelight on the matter. And as a secret admirer of her charm and protector of her dignity, he came up without a second thought to face the villain. But who is the villain was his question. As a matter of fact his friend was a part of a dignified group who brought justices to the poor students by fighting for them. And Simr, the guy in love has to reveal everything to him to get the support and blessing of the group. He was invited for the mission to join the group who intended to add another chapter in their book of conquests. So they were ready at an undisclosed location A,  waiting for the villain to arrive. The mighty arrived soon and realized the gravity of the situation. First the crime done by him was narrated, and the intention was also made very clear. But the mission was interrupted when a savior came from no where to support the wrong. The guy was older and made the justice group realize his position of influence. He knew many popular people who could bring the group on its knees. So, long story short, mission was aborted.

The lost warriors came to another undisclosed low profile location B, where they met their followers and sister groups. The tale of setting sun on their shores were narrated to the keen ears. It helped in the sense that one person from the audience knew the home location of older guy who made the mission fail. So, the group rejuvenated and headed towards the compromised location. The situation changed, the older guy’s attitude and manner came along the good lines and he was no more aggressive. But this time the group  was furious. Consequently, the anger was vented out on the older guy in the dark of course. The enemy of the justice was down and the group cheered and went off. Next day the story penetrated all through the school’s classrooms and playgrounds. And the one name that shook people’s mind was that of our own, the very shy, the very weak, the smiling idiot, the lover guy himself. Investigation was made on where the group was as they bunked or in good words sacrificed their maths class to carry on with their “saving the world” attitude. But no one opened their mouths.

The battle lost its focus due to the distraction but the intention was made very clear in the minds of those who hated justice. The tale became legacy and still got passed onto the younger generation of the school, so that no crime should go unpunished in the future too.



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