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Most significant thing

Once in his court, Akbar asked Birbal -“What is the most significant thing in this world?”. Birbal asked for a month time to get the answer, but felt helpless when twenty days went in vain. One day while going home, he saw a child sitting under the tree and eating chick peas one by one. Birbal went to him and inquired about such an action. The kid replied that he has very less amount of food and eating it for a long time will keep his hunger in control. Birbal was impressed by his wit and took him to his home.

Birbal was worried as the deadline to get the answer for the king’s question was nearing. And this tension was very much seen by the kid, upon which, when he got to know the reason, he told it is a simple question. Birbal was shocked. Kid said the most significant thing in the world is human brain. Birbal was excited and happily presented this answer to Akbar. Akbar commended him but asked his next question – ” What it eats?”. “What an insane question?”, Birbal thought. But he has to get its answer too. Again he tried his luck with the kid and consequently this time too the kid was ready with the answer. He said, brain eats thoughts. A intelligent person will think before he/she commits any action. A stupid person cannot conceive or comprehend thoughts. Birbal rejoiced and told this answer to Akbar, who was again very happy. But asked another question – “What it drinks?”. Again the kid came to Birbal’s rescue, and said, brain drinks anger. A sensible person will not get short tempered and will not get angry on other people stupidity. Akbar was satisfied with the answer conveyed to him by Birbal.

So, finally the emperor came to his last question – “What it can do?”. For this the kid told Birbal, that he will present himself in front of Akbar to give the answer. He went to the court with Birbal and after his introduction, he asked Akbar to step down from the throne. Akbar was hesitant but upon rational argument that this will only give the answer to his question, he agreed and came down. The kid sat on the throne and told, brain can do wonders, it can make you king of the kingdom, it can persuade people and various other things..

Akbar was totally satisfied and praised the child.



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