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Mustard Seeds

Once upon a time in a village there was a woman who lost her husband and later her son to a disease. She was in a deep sorrow, and wanted answers to this ill-fate. She heard from the villagers about a monk who use to sit under a banyan tree. Collecting her broken bits she went to that place where the monk was indulged in meditation. She revealed her misery in front of him and begged for answers. The monk listened very quietly and upon his turn, asked her to get some mustard seeds from someone’s house in her village. It was a very easy task. But then that monk added – “Get the seeds from a household where nobody have died ever”. She went to accomplish this task in hand. She went every house and each one of them had mustard seeds. But everywhere there was someone who had died in the past. So she returned empty handed. Without monk uttering a word, the lady had gotten the real meaning of the task. Everyone is facing miseries as part of their life. People have lost their loved ones as everyone have to die compelled upon them by the  law of nature.



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