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The first day.

It was accidental that Simr got enrolled for the Volleyball training of 2006 school summer camp. He showed promising stuff at the cricket training during PT classes. And consequently, was invited by the PT Instructor, to go for cricket trials after school, indirectly through a new friend who encompassed in various sports activities and represented school at several occasions for one or the other reasons. He got a chance to bowl, but failed miserably. It was evident that he was not made for this Indian popular sport. But this was the beginning and soon he felt to give a try to volleyball which as a matter of fact, he never played in his whole life.

So, the summer camp started, and it was really crowded as all the enthusiasts for different sports were collected under a single roof. When most of the guys and girls were expecting to get a hands on of  their sports on the first day, it went in contrary. A run from the school to the parade ground was organized for warming up.It was hard and tiring during the time when May had departed and mighty June was coming strong without ever warming up on its first day. It was the first lesson, a start of the long journey, he was about to initiate that opened the door of various experiences he would be going through over the next few years.

The concept of warming up was very well designed, as can be seen the next day when there was a considerable amount of reduction in the population compared to the first day.



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