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The Trap

The spirit, the intellect looks trapped in this physical embodiment. The body is like an abstract that has predefined physical attributes like organs and other bodily functions but it is our intelligence, thinking that differs us from each other and make us unique. But as in our modern society, the trend of following one belief is on the rise, has taken away that distinctness and freedom out of our minds. And, without that freedom, the spiritual intellect finds itself trapped inside this hypocrite, ironical and judgemental physical body.

The body is born, decays and finally dies. But what makes us who we are, is our thinking and actions. These functions are originated in our mind and compels the body to perform. But when you are bounded by society’s hypocrisies and ironies, your thinking become malice and filters or restrict the purity to flow freely. The impurities like hate, judgements, treachery, dishonesty, apathy prevails, multiplies and grows exponentially. This is making hell for those who are in minority with respect to defying these malpractices. The spirit is always free but restricting it to do its work with the same gusto, takes away the inner peace for those who have higher level of realization and awareness of its existence. They experience the contradiction in the inner directions, principles and the actions performed by the physical body which is, in reality the reflection of the society or outer influence but pretends to be the inner decisions. The bad actions are controlled by these external factors to appease bad intentions of the society and not the inner pure spirit’s.

So, in conclusion, the people who have self realization, continuously feels that their spirituality is trapped inside this body which is the reflection of the outer world.



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