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The two faces.

There is one face that faces inwardly and the other who sees and feels the world through various mediums. People whose inner and outer faces are inclined on the same philosophies and principles, live happily and contented. The one who doesn’t realize the inner face are also happy but ignorant. But the problem comes with the people who defies outer face or whose inner and outer faces are like North and South of the directions. They faces the rant of inner self and sometimes the anger of the outside world who seems such people as anti social. Because if these people listen to their inner calling, they doesn’t fit with the mentally blind followers and if they listen to the society, the inner self doesn’t let them live in peace.

These people have higher self realization or self awareness. They have bestowed inside them, the Vedic principle of  higher level of “Brahman”. They know the rights and wrongs and thus burns everyday in agony seeing the world working on contradictory principles or working far off along the set benchmarks by their inner identity. The inner self is never in peace with them as the outer self works to appease the society for its own survival. They are in continuous conflicts.

The ones who defies outer face and have self realization as a core or realm of their life, feel disconnected from the outer world and also doesn’t understand the rhetoric society. They doesn’t have the means to react or respond to the people. They feel helpless and incapable to respond to the stupidity of the general masses who are usually ignorant of their inner self or one can say lower in the scale of their “Brahman” quantifying system. These people only knows one face that is inner one, that is shapeless, spiritual, boundless and intellectual.

They often disconnect or feel difficulty in accepting their outer face to the world. They doesn’t relate to the outer face that they show up everyday to the people. They feel the world and their outer existence as illusion of their own. Dreams looks reality to them and the reality looks otherwise.

They face the anger of their two worlds.



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