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Question of existence.

It looks like a mere chance that I exist. Starting a journey from a sperm and getting lucky with the various opportunities to evolve at different stages of life proves it strongely. While walking, the question of existence pops up suddenly, how I reached till here? Where am I? And why I am? It can’t be expressed in words. Looks like I am an observer, looking astonishingly over the wonders of nature, being part of it. Everything that is out of my control, is a mere chance. And looks like most of the things are, unfortunately. The chain of events have decided the fate, the destiny. But why there are predefined obligations, rituals, conditioning that have been imposed on, that make us a slave of existence rather that feeling free. The freedom eludes us and same with the peace.

While interacting actively or passively, I question my existence, my physical capabilities, my senses. I feel nothing outwardly but inwardly it makes a whole new and huge impact. Looks like that is what exist, and this physical world is one illusion, a dream. Dreams at night looks real and the reality pertains otherwise. Time is passing, passing very fast and I am just observing the world run over me. It looks like nothing matters, everything leads to nothingness. Everything become zero at the end. Nothing is gained. Nothing is lost. The law of nature nullifies everything that happens with or around me. This existence is a question like a black hole, sucks in the question but never provided an answer. This existence is a dream then, irrational, chaotic and yes a mere chance.



An introverted IT Guy.

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