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Favorite Youtube Channels

Being an introvert, I have a strong love for my room and I need a bigger force to move me out of it on weekends. Mostly the time is spent over internet and with a great WiFi speed, the time flies on Youtube. There are many channels that I love and like to watch all through. Listing some of them below:


jaby koay : This is owned by Jaby himself who reviews and give reactions on videos of different genre. It is interesting to see as an Indian, how a guy from other country or culture reacts on Bollywood movie trailers or Indian Web Series.

Munchies : I like this channel for discovering lifestyles, cuisine from around the world. Also it is interesting to watch chefs, restaurant owners doing extra ordinary work in their fields.

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF LUCKY LUKE OFFICIAL : This is just because my fondness to Luck Luke cartoon. I have been watching this cartoon when it used to telecast on TV. And finding it on internet, with good quality videos on this channel makes me nostalgic.

Guilt Free Vegan : Being a wannabe vegan, this channel gives a great information on diet plans and options for the same. I have taken some of my healthy eating options from here.

Comme une Française : Being fascinated by French language, I subscribed to this channel and felt, it has a different approach to teach French vocabulary and phrases.

Introverts Web Series : Again being an introvert, I liked it. But they have not rolled out any new episodes from a long time though. The three introvert mates, explains some of my situations.




An introverted IT Guy.

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