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Another battle lost

Last time it was summer of 2012, when Darren lost the first battle due to his philosophy that people will wait for him. He was wrong and has been wrong for most of his life on this particular front. The front of love, affection, relationship. Nobody waits, atleast after throwing so many cueballs. But our guy is rational bastard, and seeks saneness in every action and conversation. He tries to break the code and seldom believes in the thought of defying logic which is contrary to the philosophy of love or affection.

So, it happened again. But the guy is reasonable in his approach. Being an introvert and empathetic, forcing his emotions on other person is not a piece of cake. The social anxiety had restricted him to encounter any easy and direct interaction with others. It takes longer to understand the other person and our guy takes little steps in such endeavours. But the world is in a big hurry, may be they have multiple options to choose from. But he doesn’t have that luxury. Like the April 2012 fiasco, the latest tragedy was absorbed very laboriously. And hopefully the pain will get off his back soon.



An introverted IT Guy.

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