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First State Trials

It was a great feeling to clear the open trials for the Junior Volleyball state team. And to get an opportunity to join the camp with 30 odd members squad, from which only 12 will make it to the final team to represent the state, at Vijaywada. But it took a big toll on us, driving to the sports complex 11 kilometers far from the heart of the city, into the quiet outskirts of the town. Adding to our woes, was chilly winters. Returning back during night after the training, required hell of courage to face the cold. The complex was scattered over a big area. And had beautiful enclosure that contained 4 volleyball courts. The warming up sessions only were so tiring. And that followed by smashing, lifing/raising practices. There were very good players beside us, so it was  a tough fight

And after some 20 days training at the camp, the final day came. For my disappointment, I was given very less time on the ground of action. And was called off quickly. But still I gave my best and was having hope to get selected into the final squad. The announcements of the successful candidates started in no time. On the spot, the chosen ones were given the whole kit (Jersey, Lower, Shoes). I always dreamt of wearing one. But fate didn’t give the chance to accomplish the dream that day. It was a heart breaking day. Went home, didn’t speak much. It took few minutes standing alone on the roof, to eventually burst out in tears. The failure always is unacceptable, even if you are not good enough.



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