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The DIS match

It was our second attempt to reach DIS and convince them to organize a volleyball match with our team. It looked a desperate move. Yes, desperation to judge our playing abilities and where we stand, by playing with a stronger team. A team that is funded big heartedly by their management, stood taller compared to us. Also our coach was adamant on having this match happen as she has trained them too, previously. That attempt bore positive result and we started warming up on the volleyball ground cum basketball turf.  The match went well and we gave our best to even try to stand up erect in front of the mighties.

We lost 2-1, but it was worth playing to see our follies and pros. The best part was the refreshments served at the end of the match. It was a very generous and kind gesture from the DIS management. The flavored milk and rusk were an ultimate combination to satisfy the hunger arose post match and a true refreshment after a hard lost sets. In the future we had an opportunity to face them in All District championship, but it was averted fortunately or unfortunately.



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