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Why sensitive is weak?

In a modern world, when the insensitives thrive, the contrary trembles with insecurities and looking at the downfall of humanity. The savages have taken over the society and profit undermines the well being of people. The act of kindness and senstivity towards human emotions have become the obiligations of very few, enlightened ones. Although they possess the light of self awareness and empathy, yet feel themselves very weak. It has become hard for them to survice the cruelty from the hands of the materialistics and the superficials. It has become difficult for them to escape the irrational and spontaneous weapons of the less self realized monsters, pounded towards them ever since they revealed themselves. They revealed their sensitive nature, and became weak since then.

With great power comes responsiblity. The responsibility to be quiet at odd times. The responsibility to not do harm to even your haters when the time throws an opportunity to do so. And for the dumber majority, those become acts of weakness. So, yes, weakness is an illusion in the minds of the misunderstoods. It takes up a lot of strength to even think along those lines. It takes a hell lot of courage to fight the inner demons that provoke the sense of ruthlessness and savagery. The sensitives look weak from the outside, but the inner strongness cannot be ignored on the pretext provided by the inhumane.



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