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Home is far away.

In a world of continuous desperation, the man of honesty ponders along the good lines and get setbacks now and then. The soul that rested once in peace was awakened by a foul cry of physical existence, the cry that gave assurance that the state of the soul will never be disturbed but it came out to be a deception later. The cry promised, that the soul will remain free. Also the soul that has all the good charactersitcs, that is pure and away from malice, needs a physical attire to be able to perceive in a materialistic world. What an irony, a superficial world that only sees you from outside and can’t understand the inner self conundrums and dilemmas, haven’t reached to that level of self awareness or they have lost it on their way to adulthood.

The soul agress and came onto this world with a physical presence and overpowers it during childhood. Slowly and slowly, the society and family who have lost traces of their own souls, starts the bloody conditioning of the pure heart and enslaves it into the blind faiths and beliefs. The soul is forgotten in no time and what remains is a superficial physical entity that tries to become epicurean, led by wrong principles contrary to the ones adhere by the inner self. The soul craves for its home, its resting place. It realizes that home is far away and feels miserable in a trap called life. It then becomes very important to unlearn the wrong things. But it is very hard to get unconditioned from the worldly affairs. It seems near to impossible to untangle from the malpractices. It is an act of bravery to question your own existence and go against the baseless gift of beliefs from the unworthy. Thus the soul is never home until it leaves the trap of this physical body and go in peace to its resting place.



An introverted IT Guy.

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