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The Gold

It was after the Diwali break, that I came back to my studies. While leaving the college that day to the flat, I met a person, whom I recognized as our senior. He gave a smile and asked me to join the trainings for the University Sports Meet. I was convinced before this meeting, that the trials I gave went in vain, as I never heard or seen this guy for so long. But then it was for real. He picked me from Tilak Nagar in his car, and took some other too on the way to the ground at Rohini Sec-5. We played and I was not that good at the lifting position, so I subsequently lost that role to another better person. I was moved back into defence lines.

The tournament started, and we got booted up on a right foot. We won first and then second and then third match. And moved up the ladder. But the fight got more competitive. We faced some tough fight from the best colleges. But made our way to Finals. Our college girls team also were in finals but they lost. The final was ruthless, it was going neck to neck. And there was need to get lead into the game. Finally our attackers proved some elegance and went like a firebrand after 2 sets. It was achieved, the tournament and with that the Sports Meet gold medal. It was great to pose for the team picture that was sent for the college magazine. The toil went rewarded at the end thus making it a happy ending.



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