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The hills

It was 3 AM when it felt impossible to wake up as promised 3 hours back to the friend who made a plan. A plan to drive to the hills far away, to see the rising sun of that particular morning on that specific place. Being a ruthless worker, Derren, seldom gets to see rising sun. So, that idea held less significance, but the conception of riding to a cooler place in someone’s company was really a driving force. But the wee hours of that day, he felt vomiting kind of feeling. His guts grew weaker and sent a signal to the brain to abort the mission completely. But then there was one feeble voice. The voice of a rebel that dependant more on hope, more on the idea of the trip, more on the obligations and mindset. That voice, doesn’t quantified or analyzed the capabilities of the weaker body of that morning. It grew stronger and finally the awakening happened.

It started, and while following google maps, they sometime got misguided. But they came back to their path of destiny, in no time. They reached, and it seemed like, so many of them were there already. It was relaxing to the strained eyes, it felt like a reward finally to see the mesmerizig landscape, the greenery. Exploring the peace, which was left a little, after the encroachment of  physical appearances. Being an introverted soul, this peace provided relaxation. But the journey took a toll on the limited energy he had. They came back and enjoyed their breakfast on their way.



An introverted IT Guy.

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