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It’s a trap

It looks lika a trap, the more I am living it, the more I find myself getting into the swamp. The swamp of superficiality, materialism, physicality. Yeah, I am talking about life, but not as a positive lie or fancy packaging that people try to sell as motivational mentors or teachers or healers. The bliss is all temporary, and pleasure seeks payback in the form of pawning morality and honesty. That is kind of a hollow reward for living a life. The run for survival is ruthless and everyday of winning looks like another day of pain earned and added into it. The meaningless interactions with the imperfections of others, doesn’t give solace but more doubts and discomfort rise up.

Carrying the basic humanity, compassion, honesty and sincerety looks burdensome to many, so they shrug themselves off of these and wear a lie, a manipulative mask of indecency. The feeling of empathy is eroded and insentivity captivates the humans cum zombies living among us. They are the ones thriving and bullying the minorities, the rare ideals, the perfectionists. They become the cause of suicides that happens in a boarding school or a college or anywhere that gets exposed to such mercenaries from hell. Thus, the life is nothing but a trap for those who think like a human and not like a mere physical body with diminishing humanity.




An introverted IT Guy. Test Automation Engineer (Selenium-Java). Data Science Enthusiast.

4 thoughts on “It’s a trap

  1. Everything is magnified when focused on. I agree that life does have its sickening bit but i truly believe there is still something of worth and that is what i intend to focus on.

    1. In the context of the post, hate to disagree. But honestly, this is one perspective or example. A ray of light illuminates different dimensions of the prism of life. Life is, thus, a collection of stories, some good, some bad.

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