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True Love

It was back then in school, when an intriguing story of two lovers caught my eyes. It was part of our curriculum that featured a protagonist who revealed to his audience that he met a couple living in an island with minimal goods but an eternal power of love binding them strongly. Going back to their history, it gave a shock to the protagonist, that the girl was the popular princess of one kingdom that made a news very long back when she eloped with her poor lover, a common dweller in her father’s kingdom. So, he found a treasurable love, the love that didn’t diminish over the long period of time. They had nothing fancy, but had enough in the form of their togetherness.

Is it real? The true love? A relationship that is above all superficialities, misunderstandings. A love that is platonic, thoughtful, committed, honest, sincere. Hard to observe such examples in today’s world. Most of such things are seen in movies or books. Both looks as an ideal dream of a perfectionist who wandered earlier to find it in a real world. And after observing its impossibilities, turned inward to write an imagination, an ideal scenario on paper. An ideal scenario of true love.



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